Touch the wood and leather of hand-crafted bellows.
Be touched by the whimsy and imagination of digital art...

Anne has spent some years accepting graphic design briefs for corporate images, logos and merchandise - now she has turned her mind to creating more whimsical and dramatic digital art.
Anne finds inspiration all around her - environment, photographs, myths
and sometimes just a bit of silliness.

As a counterpoint to computer technology, Anne enjoys the calming wood and leather work in creating hand-crafted bellows. She says she only started making bellows because she got tired of sticking her head in the fire and blowing!
Inspiration comes from the character of the wood, and choosing the leather - then watching as it evolves into a practical fire maker.

When in need of an escape (when time permits!) she takes on the ever challenging, but absorbing and gentle world of watercolours.

This combination of artist and artisan gives Anne’s art its unique character.

Anne is exhibiting during 2019 Oxfordshire Artweeks
Noon - 5pm: 11, 12, 16, 17 18 & 19 May - see details below

Also accepted as an exhibitor in Cornerstone Didcot Open Exhibition - Woodland Theme
2 May - 16 June 2019 - see for details


Digital Art Images

Anne's hand-crafted working fireside bellows


Full guide to plan your art outings during Oxfordshire Artweeks can be seen online


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